Day to day support for medium to small sized networks (up to 50 users) usually with at least one or two servers at the core of the system. The majority are Windows Server based systems with Linux Network attached storage as one of two or three forms of backup.


Hardware Sales

We supply setup and configure most IT equipment from Servers / PC’s and Laptops to Tablets Routers and Camera systems. We setup and test everything before delivering onsite and perform all necessary upgrades before delivery. We supply both new  and Grade A refurbished items


Repairs & Upgrades

With extensive experience in repairs and upgrades we can can get your faulty equipment up and running in minimum time – whether it has been infected with a virus or suffered hard drive failure. Operating system upgrades and software installation / data recovery.



A backup strategy is probably the single most important thing to consider within any IT setup – whether it is photos  – or business critical information that is essential for your operations – backups ARE A MUST! We supply robust backup hardware and software systems. Back it up NOW!



Standardising on the WordPress platform we can upgrade your existing website or create a smart business online presence from scratch. We handle all the content and photography and aim to produce a simple efficient website for the individual or small businesses.



Broadband and Internet problems can cause users and businesses a big headache. We have many years experience in troubleshooting this part of the network. Whether it is a router upgrade or improving your wireless network – we should be able to improve your online experience.


Click on the link below to download the latest and most secure remote access tool that will allow us to remotely connect to your computer and help fix any problems or provide training.


I used to work in the IT industry, but since retiring I have found this company invaluable.

Their remote support is excellent.

I highly recommend them.

Bill Gates

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